History Of Satan

The bible says that Satan is a fallen angel and left heaven due to pride. Satan was the highest angel, but this really wasn’t enough, he wanted to be God itself, not just one of His servants. So, God cast Satan out of heaven as a fallen angel.

Many caricatures picture Satan as a red horned, trident raising cartoon villain, and maybe that is the main reason that people question it’s history. However, it’s existence has more than fiction behind it, having being verified by the same book that narrates Jesus’ life, the bible. Christianity puts Satan in the head of the fallen angels, as their leader. They are an invisible force that rebelled against God and affect our physical world, masquerading as an angel of light and deceiving people. Even though Satan is believed to be more powerful than us humans, God doesn’t leave us helpless. At his crucification, Jesus Christ defeated them, and only in the authority of Jesus does anyone have power to stand against the devil.

Satan has many names. He is also called the devil, Dragon, Serpent, Beelzebub, Abaddon, Apollyon and many other names. It is said that very soon he will be released from the spiritual world and will appear on earth with a glorious physical appearance. The beast is the name for Satan when he comes visibly to the earth claiming that he is God. His demons will come with him and they will appear to be angels from heaven. After three and a half years, God will put him into a bottomless pit.

This is what the bible tells us about Satan. The world is a silent battlefield between good and evil, between God and Satan, between angels and demons. This is starting to be hard to believe in modern day society with most beliefs losing ground in the third millennium.

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